Reading and Writing are taught in a workshop format. This allows students to have many personal choices in order to encourage learning at a variety of different rates and levels while addressing many new skills. We will read and write every day.  Spelling will be taught through direct instruction five days a week, word work one day a week and a test on Friday. 

     For Math, we use the University of Chicago’s Everyday Math combined with a variety of interactive projects. This approach provides students with real world math experience and thorough understanding. Learning multiplication facts is a big focus in third grade as well.

     Science and Social Studies are addressed through thematic units.  These topics are threaded through the entire day, often for weeks at a time.  This year will begin with a wonderful unit on plants and insect life cycles.  The themes change every 4-6 weeks during the year. 

     Third grade lunch/recess is from 11:20-12:00.  We will have a morning and afternoon snack, but please be sure your child gets a hearty breakfast so they can focus on their work. For snack, please send your child with something nutritious.  Candy, potato chips and other treats will not be allowed.  Your child is also encouraged to bring a water bottle to school.

     Homework will only consist of weekly reading, and math.  The students will be bringing home a homework log to help them track their progress. Also, all after school plans need to be made before school.  In the event of an emergency change of plans, please contact the office before 2:30 pm to get your child the message.